To the official  home page of the Texas Truck and Tractor Pulling Association, (TTTPA).  Organized and sanctioned in January 2007 with 20 Charter members TTTPA has shown substantial growth throughout it's early years holding over 80 memberships to date.

A non-profit organization, TTTPA strives to provide safe, fun, family oriented entertainment to it's spectators.  Traveling across Texas fans can expect to see an array of unique engine power ranging from 1000+ horsepower fueled engines to alcohol, diesel and smoker tractors and trucks.


P.O. Box 162

Dublin, TX 76446
email: info@tttpa.com



Note to Members:   If you plan to attend the  TTTPA Pull in Priddy Texas ,  it is strongly recommended that you mail in your registration forms  as soon as possible.   Pit passes are required for each person entering the gate at Priddy (Melody Oaks Pull).  Without the 2013 passes, you  may be required  to pay (per person, non-refundable, including you the driver)  the required gate fee to enter grounds, and/or an arm band fee to enter the pit.   We will be mailing out 2013 pit passes on March 20th to all paid up members as of  that date (March 20). TTTPA will not be responsible for any refund to you for these monies or consider it as a credit toward your membership fee.   Full Membership fee, as set forth in TTTPA rules,  will be due and payable upon registration.    

Registration for Priddy Pull “will close” at 5:00pm.    NO EXCEPTIONS. 










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